Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for Clay Chamber

Vision, Mission and Core values

  • Serve our members with loyalty and excellence
  • Build relationships that are credible and influential
  • Promote and preserve an environment that enhances vitality in the business community
  • Lead, advocate and promote opportunity, education, growth, networking and best practices that will serve the membership in the best way possible
  • Excellence: strive to achieve excellence in all areas
  • Integrity: operate honestly and ethically
  • Innovation: understand that the key to success is innovation and adaptability


Develop Recruitment, Retention, Membership and Business best practices

  • Strategies
    • Align staff and committee responsibilities to maximize best practices
    • Enhance and develop events and programs that serve the varied needs of the business community
    • Develop recurring and documented retention practices that help each member maximize their chamber value proposition and want to renew
    • Increase outreach to increase new member opportunities
    • Enhance ‘value proposition’ of membership
    • Develop diversified revenue streams
    • Ensure all events/programs are top notch
    • Oversee Ambassadors


Ensure Marketing and Communication resources are maximized

  • Strategies
    • Continue to enhance operability, usability, optimization and visibility of website and social media venues
    • Expand Buy Local programs
    • Ensure all electronic plans are linked
    • Develop online tools such as webinars
    • Ensure metrics are measurable
    • Develop highly effective way to survey membership for feedback


Continue to enhance Workforce/Education relationships

  • Strategies
    • Identify target industries
    • Work with business community to define workforce needs
    • Work with School District and local post-secondary institutions to create opportunity and identify needed training tracks
    • Work with Foundation to enhance education tools, scholarships and other programs that help provide resources to key events and programs


Create Government Affairs avenue that enhances value proposition of education, outreach, accessibility, and issue development as it relates to national, state and local issues.

  • Strategies
    • Develop and enhance relationships with local, state and national officials and agencies
    • Tailor issues to small business
    • Represent business community during election cycles
    • Establish PAC
    • Educate business community on bills impacting the business community


Continue optimization of operations

  • Strategies
    • Staff will continue to refine budgeting process and timeline
    • Staff will continue to optimize daily, weekly and monthly financial tracking
    • Staff will continue to ensure 501(c)(6) and 501(c)(3) responsibilities are met
    • Staff will work with committees to ensure strategic plan is evolved into executable and measurable tactics via the committees and other avenues as appropriate
    • Staff will ensure all contractual relationships are maximized for service and fiscal efficiency
    • Staff will continue a strong relationship with EDC
    • Staff will keep committees focused
    • Staff will ensure events and programs are well run
    • Staff will ensure key membership communication channels are maintained
    • Staff will continue to ensure appropriate qualifications met and training opportunities utilized
    • Staff will work to increase regional relationships and maximize lessons learned locally, regionally and at state level
    • Staff will work to enhance sponsorship and membership level value proposition opportunities