Clay County is
Beautiful. Bold. Bright.

Clay County is a beautiful county just over 600 square miles that diversely encompasses urban, suburban and rural lifestyles. The natural resources are exquisite and have a history that attracted the early families of the Northeast to this area. The St. Johns River and Black Creek are the most notable natural elements that support recreation commercial activities. Camp Blanding is a large military complex that has played a major role in the defense and preparation of our forces of this great country.

Clay County's Community
commits. connects. creates.

The business community in Clay County is robust and many generations of residents have grown their businesses and families here. The county has close to 200,000 residents making it one of the mid-size counties in the state. Our school system is excellent, recently completing a transition to a robust academy system. Many of our graduates go on to continue at top state and national schools. Many graduate with critical certifications that result in quick employment in much needed areas of expertise. The area is also has many veterans due to the proximity of NAS JAX, NS Mayport, NS Kings Bay, Camp Blanding Joint Training Center, Blount Island USMC facility and the former NAS Cecil Field Master Jet Base which has transitioned to a civilian airfield but most of its tenants are government commands. The workforce is excellent for our business community meeting its needs at all levels.

The Clay County Chamber of Commerce has served the business community since 1962 and boasts more than 800 members. We have a full slate of events and programs that provide our members with great networking, key low cost education, and opportunities to have fun and meet business and government leadership, while also providing many community friendly events and programs. Key to any organization like a chamber, we have a wonderful group of Ambassadors. These are volunteers that provide mentoring and assistance with all our events and programs. Our signature events are large, well-attended events throughout the year providing networking, education and friendship building. We have a health screening program that is a low cost snap shot of your health (a complete blood panel) providing key information for your doctor at a fraction of the cost. All of our information can be reached at www.claychamber.com. Our door is always open. Stop in so we may assist you as you set your roots in Clay County.