We want members to

The Chamber is committed to improving its offerings and providing members with more of what they are asking for. If you want to make a valuable investment in your business and in the community, the Clay Chamber is the place to start. With premier business and networking opportunities among its many benefits, the Clay Chamber offers professional support to help your business grow and prosper. Your membership is an investment that pays dividends in the form of new customers for your business, a stronger local economy, and a high quality of life in Clay County.

Reasons why, you should join the Clay Chamber

Feature: A Ribbon Cutting is a must for any new Chamber member.

Benefit: This ceremony will get your picture in our newsletter and provide you with instant visibility to the membership.

Feature: Through affinity agreements, the Chamber is able to negotiate cost-saving programs for services and products that are commonly used by businesses.

Benefit: You are afforded discount pricing for many products and services by using the purchasing power of the collective Chamber membership

Feature: These events take place as breakfasts, business luncheons, and after hour’s programs.

Benefit: Allow you to make connections that will help expose your business to a larger audience and build relationships that can turn into prospects.

Feature: The Chamber's Clay Business Connection and Clay eBusiness Connection newsletters, the Chamber's website, as well as email blast opportunities to the membership, are key to increasing awareness of your business profile.

Benefit: You can maintain year round exposure to thousands of businesses and consumers in the Northeast Florida region.

Feature: As a member of the Chamber of Commerce you will have access to the “Buy Local” campaign that utilizes cutting edge technology to reach customers .

Benefit: By participating in the “Buy Local" Campaign you will have the opportunity to become more visible to thousands of potential customers.

Feature: Many of Clay County's top businesses and business professionals are members of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce.

Benefit: By being a part of the Chamber you will make connections with, have access to, and potentially hold a committee post with some of the county’s most influential business people.

Feature: The Chamber’s Government Affairs division aggressively advocates for your business on a local, state, and national level.

Benefit: Whether it’s repealing the 1099 provisions, education reform, health care, or key and strategic economic development planning; the Chamber of Commerce is working for you to make it easier to do business locally.

Feature: The Chamber holds several marquee events annually as well as multiple networking events monthly.

Benefit: You can become more visible to decision makers in the business community by choosing to be a title or corporate sponsor of any of these events.